iTrack GPS Car Tracker review (2023): The best iTrack GPS; Is iTracker legit?


iTracker GPS Car review

Losing valuable items can be incredibly frustrating, but what if they’re not just misplaced, but stolen? Imagine the sinking feeling of discovering your car missing from your garage.

In such dire situations, a straightforward solution emerges: the iTrack GPS car tracker. This innovative device provides peace of mind by ensuring you can always keep tabs on your valuable possessions.

Whether it’s your smartphone, wallet, precious jewelry, or even your beloved vehicle, iTrack GPS is your reliable guardian against theft.

Real-time tracking and instant alerts empower you to take swift action, recover your property, and alleviate the anxiety of such losses.

itracker Car GPS

Do you lose your car?

Misplacing personal items like wallets or phones might prompt friends to assist in the search, but when it comes to a lost car, the task becomes exponentially more challenging. However, there is a solution in the form of a real-time GPS car tracker, that ensures the safety of your vehicle at all times.

Thankfully, your search ends here with this iTrack GPS review, as you’ll discover the ultimate OBD GPS tracker, doubling as an effective anti-theft GPS solution. With iTrack GPS, you can rest assured that your car remains secure and easily traceable, eliminating the distress that accompanies a missing vehicle.

iTrack GPS Car Tracker review (2023): The best iTrack GPS; Is iTracker legit?

iTrack GPS Car Tracker review (2023): The best iTrack GPS; Is iTracker legit?

This invaluable device keeps you in control, providing peace of mind and swift recovery in the event of theft.

What is iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

Introducing the iTrack GPS Car Tracker – your ultimate solution for safeguarding your vehicle 24/7. This meticulously engineered magnetic GPS tracker boasts a wide range of powerful tracking capabilities, ensuring your peace of mind and the security of your ride.


This stealthy spy GPS tracker provides pinpoint location accuracy, delivering real-time results when you need them most. It’s a reliable companion that keeps an eye on your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about its whereabouts.

The best part? The iTrack GPS Car Tracker is compatible with all cars manufactured after 1996, making it a perfect fit for a wide range of vehicles. If you’re in search of an excellent hidden GPS tracker for your car without monthly fees, your quest ends here.

Imagine the relief of knowing your car is protected even when parked far from your sight. Gated parking can be expensive, leaving many of us with no choice but to leave our vehicles in less secure or even unprotected areas, making them vulnerable to thieves. Luckily, with the iTrack GPS Car Tracker, you can take control of your car’s safety.

This device is more than just a hidden GPS tracker; it’s a cost-effective solution that safeguards your vehicle while saving you money. Say goodbye to monthly fees, as this budget-friendly GPS tracker offers a robust lineup of tracking features.

It can monitor your car’s speed, provide real-time location updates, and is compatible with all cars manufactured after 1996. Plus, it works seamlessly with both iPhone and Android devices, ensuring accessibility for all users.

The iTrack GPS Car Tracker stands out as one of the best small GPS car trackers on the market. If you were considering searching Google for the “Best GPS tracker for my car,” your search ends here. The best car protection solution is right at your fingertips.

This sleek Verizon GPS tracker even offers route history and itinerary tracking, providing a comprehensive overview of your car’s movements. With this cutting-edge car security innovation, you can bid farewell to worries about your vehicle’s safety.

It comes equipped with advanced features that provide real-time information and instant alerts.

Don’t waste any more time; secure your peace of mind with the iTrack GPS Car Tracker today. Protect your vehicle and enjoy the convenience of knowing where it is at all times.

With its powerful tracking capabilities, compatibility with a wide range of cars, and affordability, this device is your trusted companion in car security.

Say goodbye to the anxiety of losing your car and embrace the peace of mind that comes with the iTrack GPS Car Tracker.

How does iTrack GPS Car Tracker work?

Wondering how the iTrack GPS Car Tracker, the ideal OBD GPS tracker with no monthly fees, operates? Allow us to simplify it for you.

how does iTrack GPS works

This cutting-edge technology, expertly crafted by GPS tracking specialists, offers a straightforward and user-friendly process. Whether you’re a seasoned tech enthusiast or a newcomer, you can harness the power of this Amazon-available car GPS tracker with ease, just by clicking the button below.

The most crucial function of a car GPS tracker is its ability to instantly notify you when your vehicle moves without your authorization or when it’s removed from its designated parking space.

Through your smartphone, you gain access to real-time tracking, providing you with the peace of mind that your car’s whereabouts are always at your fingertips. You’ll be alerted the moment your car is stolen or used without your consent.

iTrack GPS car tracker 2023

What sets this GPS car tracker apart is its capability to provide a comprehensive history of your car’s routes, stops, and expenses. Additionally, it allows you to monitor your driving patterns and habits by collecting and analyzing data from all your journeys.

Compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, the iTrack application ensures accessibility for all users. It’s tailored for cars manufactured after 1996, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

In an uncertain world where the safety of your parking space is never guaranteed, this OBD GPS tracker becomes an essential tool. Sometimes, you have no choice but to leave your car in any available parking spot.

By equipping your vehicle with iTrack, you provide it with discreet protection, hidden from the prying eyes of potential thieves. Moreover, this is the best car GPS tracker with no monthly fees required, making it an economical yet powerful solution for vehicle security.

Don’t wait any longer to ensure the safety and security of your vehicle. With the iTrack GPS Car Tracker, you can keep tabs on your car’s location around the clock.

Whether you’re concerned about theft or simply want to have peace of mind when parking in unfamiliar places, this device has you covered. Get yours now and experience the convenience and security that this advanced GPS tracker offers.

How to use iTrack GPS Car tracker

Now that you’ve grasped the fundamental workings of the best GPS tracker for cars, let’s dive into how to use it effectively. Are you excited to get started? If so, follow our concise guide below to begin setting up iTrack for your vehicle.

First and foremost, ensure you have a SIM card with an active data plan ready. This will enable the OBD GPS tracker to connect seamlessly with your smartphone, facilitating real-time location sharing.

Next, locate your car’s diagnostic port, a task made easy by consulting your vehicle’s user manual. Keep in mind that this feature is available for cars manufactured after 1996; vehicles predating this era typically lack a diagnostic port.

Once you’ve identified the diagnostic port, simply plug the tracking device into it. This connection grants the device access to your vehicle’s essential data.

Finally, proceed to download the iTrack app onto your smartphone. After a successful download, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup. The app will prompt you to create an account and link your device to it.

That’s it! You can now enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted sleep, free from the worries about your car’s safety in unfamiliar parking spaces.

With this remarkable car tracker, you can live life to the fullest, focusing on more important matters, knowing that your vehicle is secure and under your watchful eye.

Who needs iTrack GPS Car Tracker?

iTrack is ideal for anyone seeking a portable, user-friendly, and cost-effective tracking solution. Its compact size, comparable to a USB key, makes installation a breeze in any vehicle.

Plus, it’s compatible with all cars manufactured after 1996, ensuring widespread usability. Whether you’re concerned about vehicle security, monitoring driving habits, or simply wanting peace of mind, iTrack is the efficient GPS Car Tracker designed for you.

Smart Drivers

iTrack GPS Smart Car

For savvy drivers, the iTrack GPS car tracker emerges as the ultimate car security solution. With this discreet GPS tracker, you can confidently park your vehicle in any available space, even in remote corners beyond your line of sight.

This budget-friendly GPS tracker, combined with its user-friendly application, provides unparalleled peace of mind. You’ll no longer fret over the safety of your vehicle when it’s out of your immediate view.

This solution offers real-time car location tracking, empowering you to stay in control, even when you can’t physically see your ride. If you consider yourself a smart driver, why not give it a try?

Car Shares

For families sharing a common car, the iTrack GPS car tracker proves invaluable. It eliminates the need for incessant phone calls to locate the car, reducing disturbances and enhancing convenience.

With its accompanying app, you can easily log in and pinpoint the car’s exact location.

Sharing your car with a friend can occasionally raise concerns. Yet, with the discreet GPS tracker in place, you no longer have to inquire about their whereabouts or where they parked it.

The iTrack app offers real-time information, providing instant answers at your fingertips. This not only streamlines the process but also avoids potentially awkward or intrusive questioning.

Company Fleet Owners

For owners of company fleets providing vehicles to employees, the iTrack GPS car tracker is an indispensable tool. It offers the ability to monitor the responsible use of company cars and keep a close watch on your employees’ driving habits.

Furthermore, it can alert you if a vehicle is taken to unauthorized locations.

This sleek and advanced tracking technology enhances your company’s vehicle security, ensuring responsible driving practices and honest reporting of vehicle usage. Its discreet size allows for easy concealment within the car.

If you’re committed to safeguarding the vehicles your company lends, iTrack is the solution you’ve been searching for.

What makes iTrack GPS special?

What sets this OBD GPS tracker apart is its remarkable convenience. It offers effortless accessibility through a user-friendly app, making alerts and information readily available on your smartphone.

Say goodbye to the need for constant check-ins to verify your car’s location; iTrack becomes your 24/7 vigilant guardian, ensuring your vehicle’s security round the clock.

Here are some compelling features that make this budget-friendly car tracker truly special:

  1. Small and Discreet: Its compact design allows for discreet installation, keeping it hidden from view.
  2. Cutting-Edge Technology: iTrack employs state-of-the-art tracking technology, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.
  3. Free Access to Android and iOS Applications: The accompanying app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring accessibility for all users.
  4. Works with a Wide Range of Car Types Made After 1996: It boasts compatibility with various car models manufactured after 1996, making it versatile and adaptable.
  5. Set Personalized Alerts To Fit Your Needs: Tailor the alerts to your specific preferences, ensuring you’re informed exactly as you desire.

With these standout features, iTrack offers unmatched convenience and security, making it the ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and user-friendly GPS tracker for their vehicle.

Where Can I Get iTrack GPS?

Get iTrack GPS at the official company website. Protect your car today with this GPS car tracker. Act quickly to seize this opportunity, as the free shipping offer is for a limited time only.

When you order iTrack now, you can take advantage of up to a 50% discount. Explore various outstanding bulk purchase packages to maximize your savings while securing multiple trackers.

Don’t delay; safeguard your vehicle and enjoy the benefits of this exclusive offer.

Are Car GPS Trackers Worth it?

Integrating a GPS tracker into your car significantly enhances its security by providing real-time location information, a valuable tool in recovering a stolen vehicle.

Are Car GPS Trackers Worth it?

While there is no legal mandate to install a car tracker, the added security it offers can lead to potential savings on your car insurance premiums. Insurers view vehicles equipped with trackers as less susceptible to theft or damage, making them a more attractive risk.

In regions plagued by high car theft rates, such as areas experiencing a surge in keyless car theft, a tracker becomes an indispensable asset. Thieves can pilfer your car in under a minute, and remarkably, they don’t even require your keys to execute the theft.

Moreover, if you own a car that ranks among the UK’s most frequently stolen vehicles, a tracker is a wise investment for added peace of mind.

Car trackers serve multiple purposes beyond theft prevention. In a professional setting, you might want to verify if your employees have completed their service calls or determine their proximity to the next client. This allows for better business management and accountability.

Parents, too, can find solace in car trackers. You can monitor your children’s school commutes, ensuring they safely reach their destinations and return home. However, it’s essential to note that a GPS tracker is the only tool capable of providing real-time updates on your car’s precise location.

Adding a GPS tracker to your vehicle offers multifaceted advantages. It bolsters security, potentially lowers insurance costs, and becomes indispensable in regions prone to car theft.

Beyond security, it facilitates business optimization and enables parents to keep tabs on their children’s safety. Investing in a car tracker is a prudent choice for those seeking enhanced security, peace of mind, and practical functionality for their vehicles.

How do I Know my car has a tracker?

How do I Know my car has a tracker?

You can check this by looking at the user handbook or calling the car manufacturer.

Before investing in a GPS tracker for your car, take a moment to double-check if your vehicle already comes equipped with one. Some manufacturers integrate GPS devices at the factory, particularly in new cars. You can confirm this by consulting your car’s user handbook or contacting the manufacturer directly.

However, it’s important to note that factory-fitted car trackers may not necessarily result in cheaper car insurance rates. They often lack insurance approval and may not provide the same level of security as dedicated car trackers.

Another way your car might have a tracking mechanism is through telematic devices. Many insurance companies offer the option to install a telematic or ‘black box’ device in your vehicle. These trackers utilize GPS to transmit driving data, and safe driving habits are often rewarded with reduced insurance premiums.

Can a tracker drain your car battery?

Can a tracker drain your car battery?

Car trackers typically do not drain your car’s battery. Most car trackers come equipped with their own built-in battery, which is utilized when the vehicle is turned off.

Even in the case of on-board diagnostics (OBD) trackers that rely on the car’s battery for power, they consume only a minimal amount of energy when the vehicle is not in use. Rest assured that using a car tracker should not lead to battery drainage concerns.

Do I need to install a vehicle tracking device for my car insurance?

Do I need to install a vehicle tracking device for my car insurance?

While having a tracker for your car isn’t legally mandatory, a growing number of car insurance providers are beginning to recommend or require their installation.

This shift is in response to the rising sophistication of car thieves, who now employ tech-savvy tactics, including methods like keyless car theft using ‘relay technology’ to gain access to vehicles.

Insurance-approved tracking devices offer enhanced security measures, serving both as a deterrent to potential thieves and as a means to recover stolen cars. Given the surge in car theft incidents, it’s plausible that insurers might make car tracker installation a standard requirement in the future.

To ensure compliance with your car insurance policy, it’s advisable to review its terms and conditions. If it mandates the use of a car tracker, considering installation is a prudent step to avoid any unforeseen complications or surprises down the road.

Will my Car Insurance bill be reduced by fitting in insurance approved car tracker

Will my Car Insurance bill be reduced by fitting in insurance approved car tracker

Installing an insurance-approved tracker has the potential to lower your car insurance premiums. Insurance companies often offer discounts to policyholders who enhance their vehicle’s security, as it reduces the risk of theft or damage, ultimately minimizing the insurer’s payout potential.

In situations where insurers require a tracking device, they may decline coverage unless the tracker is properly installed, underscoring the importance of such security measures in the eyes of insurance providers.

What is the difference between GPS Tracking and Navigation?

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a remarkable technology accessible to everyday individuals, accurately pinpointing your global location.

Do You Know How GPS Works?

GPS operates through a straightforward process: Satellites track a GPS receiver (used for tracking), transmitting positional data. This information is then utilized by devices like car stereos to display the location on a map.

Difference between GPS Navigation and Tracking

GPS navigation and tracking serve distinct purposes, yet both rely on GPS technology.

Navigation: Primarily utilized in transport, be it cars, ships, or aircraft, GPS navigation helps pinpoint destinations and provides routes for reaching them.

Tracking: Tracking has a broader scope and can be applied to various subjects, including transportation, individuals, animals, products, and devices. Its purpose is to monitor and trace the movement or location of these subjects.

While both use GPS, navigation focuses on reaching destinations, while tracking is versatile, monitoring various entities or objects.

How Information Flows:

In the Navigation System, GPS identifies the transport’s position and decodes it into a map for the driver. It also pinpoints the desired destination, providing turn-by-turn directions.

Conversely, the Tracking System, also utilizing GPS, tracks the position of the transport or any GPS-equipped entity. Unlike navigation, this information is relayed to someone monitoring the GPS receiver-equipped subject.

While both systems rely on GPS for location data, their purposes differ: navigation aids drivers, while tracking serves those overseeing the GPS-equipped entity’s movements.

What the Purpose:

GPS navigation is for reaching a destination or finding one’s own position, while tracking is for pinpointing the position of something or someone else on a map.

What The Use:

GPS navigation serves as your guide to any destination, functioning globally regardless of your location. It offers direction when you’re unsure of the route, ensuring you reach your desired point.

On the other hand, GPS tracking focuses on monitoring your present location and movements. For business owners overseeing deliveries, a GPS tracker is indispensable.

It enables you to monitor positions and movement speeds, providing valuable insights into operations and logistics. While navigation guides you to your destination, tracking keeps you informed about your current whereabouts and movements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s explore the answers to common questions regarding the iTrack GPS Car Tracker.

Can I track my car If I don’t have a smartphone?

The iTrack GPS Car Tracker relies on the OBD port in your car and a smartphone app for accurate tracking. It offers hassle-free car monitoring from any location.

Does the iTrack GPS Car Tracker have built-in memory?

The iTrack comes with 1MB of built-in memory, accommodating approximately 16,000 locations. Furthermore, it offers the option to expand storage up to 2GB via a micro-SD card slot.

How long does the battery of the device last?

The iTrack operates in standby mode for up to 6 days. You’ll receive a low battery notification, prompting you to recharge it for continued use.

Quick Tips

If you’re concerned about whether your car has a GPS tracker, here are some methods to detect one:

Inspect for a Tiny Box:

Look for a small box in your car with a magnetic side, typically measuring 3-4 inches in height and 2 inches in width. Some may have lights or antennas.

Examine the Exterior:

Use a flashlight to thoroughly examine the exterior of your vehicle. Check around the wheels, under the bumpers, and beneath the hood. Don’t forget to inspect the interior as well.

Knowing how to locate a GPS tracker on your car can also provide insight into where someone might hide one.

Now, if you’re wondering how to remove a GPS tracker from your car, it’s relatively straightforward. Once you’ve identified the tracker using the methods mentioned above, simply remove its battery.

However, if you want to ensure that you’re not being tracked, consider using a GPS-jamming device for added security.

Conclusion of the iTrack GPS Review

In my comprehensive review of the iTrack GPS Car Tracker, I’ve delved into its magnetic and OBD tracking systems. With cutting-edge technology, it delivers precise and reliable car location data.

Its 1MB memory, expandable to 16,000 locations, is a notable feature. No extra fees or professional help are required for installation, making it user-friendly. However, it’s essential to note that this tracker exclusively works with vehicles equipped with an On-Board Diagnostic port.

Through the iTrack app, I can seamlessly monitor my car’s real-time positioning. For enhanced car security anywhere, I wholeheartedly recommend the iTrack GPS Car Tracker for peace of mind.


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